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20th January 2013



BOWLS   @@@

the Blackbean Bowl
Black beans with kale salad tossed with zucchini, corn, and salsa. Topped with cilantro-lemon sauce,  roasted red pepper-cashew cheese, walnut faux-rizo, and anaheim chiles.  Served over brown basmati rice.

Add soy curls - $1/$.5

the Barbecue Bowl
Barbecue soy curls, yams, and onions with kale-cabbage salad tossed in tahini dressing. Garnished with sliced radishes and served over  brown basmati rice.

the Thai Almond Butter Bowl
Soy curls, red and green bell peppers, and onions in thai style almond butter sauce with kale salad tossed in sesame-ginger dressing.  Garnished with cucumbers and almonds and served over brown basmati rice.

the O.K.Q. Salad
Kale and cabbage tossed in tahini dressing.  Topped with chickpeas, artichoke hearts, smoky tempeh, and quinoa.

Add soy curls - $1/$.5
Add avocado (1/4) - $.75
Add yams - $1/$.5
Sub organic quinoa for brown basmati rice $2/$1

(20 oz/12oz)

the Kale-Mango
Kale, mango, apple, orange juice and agave.

the Almond Butter- Banana
Almond butter, strawberries, banana, almond milk, and agave.

the Ginger-Berry
Strawberries, blueberries, apple, ginger, orange juice, and agave.

the Power Smoothie
Almond butter, oats, blueberries, avocado, almond milk, and agave.

Smoothie add-ons/substitutions
Hemp milk for almond milk - $.5
Flax oil - $.5
Hemp, pea, or rice protein - $1
Extra fruit or vegetable - $.5
Avocado (1/4) - $.75

Sides (8 oz)
Raw kale with choice of dressing (16 oz) - $3
Soy Curls (regular or BBQ) - $3
Yams - $3
Suistainably farmed local Black beans or Chickpeas - $3
Brown basmati rice (eco-farmed) - $2

Coconut water - $2
Bottled water - $1
$.50 charge for credit cards

18th February 2012


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